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Hearing Aid improved


Hearing Aid improved amplifies sound from the microphone straight to your headphones to give enhanced hearing. It works like a hearing aid and headphones are required to avoid echoes. App amplifies magnitude of the voice signal to help hear things that may be difficult to hear or understand and Hearing Aid app is implemented by DB gain knob in order to make amplified voice clear and increase power of input voice signal. What's more, Percentage of Hearing Loss is listed by detail information.App is completely based on MATERIAL DESIGN, the user interface is also very exciting and provides ease of use. We always love hearing from you. Thank you for supporting us ! We hope that it may also help to you. Please email us if the app is not worked for you before leaving negative feedback. we do everything to eliminate errors in app.
What is new in this app ?
* Clean noise algorithm* DB Gain Knob* Percentage of Hearing Loss Info to better arrange Db gain knob.* Automatic frequency selection from 41khz to 8khz.* Optimized to be in use with many hearing devices.
App Features:
* Amplify sound.* High sample rate up to 41000 khz.* Special algorithm to eliminate noise.* DB Gain Knob.* No Extra permissions. Only record audio and internet permissions.
How to use App:
> Place the earphones into your ears.> Click on start Button> Start raising DB gain knob to amplify voice to get better hearing.> If you want to close amplification, you can close it from stop button.
This App is working properly with earphones only. Audio latency depends on the model of your device and firmware version of the mobile phone.
Advertising Policy Disclosure:
We love creating apps, and want to keep them free forever. In order to keep our development running,Hearing Aid improved is ad-supported to generate some revenue.Thank you for understanding.
CopyRight:All images and other code parts are designed by senniksoft in associated by sennikpro and by using TarsosDsp. While developing this app, we get a help from this website
DisclaimerThis app makes sounds very loud. Use common sense and caution. When you download and install this software, you agree that you are going to use this application on your own risk. In no event shall developer be liable for any damages including personal injuries and health damage caused by using this application Please consult your doctor before using this application.